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Noir Chocolate


I was tasked with creating new product packaging for Noir chocolate. The chocolate itself is from Madagascar and I wanted to evoke the culture, colors, and textures of the island.


As for the logotype, the largely filled spots and peaking white space were inspired by the leaves of the palm tree. Moccatto Stencil was chosen as the inspiration for the logotype. The legs of the letter N, for example, are spiked in an almondine shape, just like the leaves of the cocoa plant. The O is representative of the cocoa bean itself—round and bold in the two halves that create it.


For the textured pattern which makes up the main visual of the package, I chose striking triangular shapes of traditional Kente cloth found on the island to represent the culture of Madagascar. The product is an experience cultivated from the far-flung reaches of Africa and brought to the West, where one can sit and enjoy a moment of dark chocolate serenity.

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