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The purpose of the project was simple: to create an identity of the brand for the dual Orexin antagonist Zzomniq™, indicated for the treatment of insomnia.  As for the choice of the name, brand names for drugs often use the least utilized letters of the alphabet to stand out. The two Z’s, in the beginning, evoke the colloquialism for snoring: to catch Zs or seen in a sequence of three. The O and the M form a sound similar to “som” like the word somnolent meaning sleepy. “Niq” is reminiscent of the word unique, which speaks to the novel mechanism of action of the drug. The palette that was chosen was pastel shades of the colors yellow, teal, and purple. They evoke a sense of calm and restfulness. For the logotype, the typeface Comfortaa was chosen for its soft edges. The end result will bring hope to consumers suffering from a common problem needing an effective and safe solution. 

I am thrilled to announce that my design has been recognized and featured in the article: "The Best Pharmaceutical Packaging Designs" on Design Rush's Best PackaginDesign page! This showcases my commitment to innovative and visually appealing design solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. My idea has been selected among the best in the market, which is a testament to my expertise and creativity. I strive to make a lasting impact with every design I create, and this recognition is a validation of my hard work and dedication. I will continue pushing the boundaries of creative solutions and bringing new ideas to life! 

Check out: the Design Agency Page, as well. 

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